Black Cat Farmstead

The Local Linen Project
We raise two fiber crops here at Black Cat; sheep's wool that is handspun into one-of-a-kind handmade yarns, and flax for the production of linen.  

In the spring of 2017, in partnership with A to Z Produce and Bakeryin Stckholm, WI we were awarded a USDA-SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) grant to explore local linen production. Over the following two years, we grew fiber flax both here at the farm and at A to Z. Our crop wasprocessed at Taproot Fibre Lab in Nova Scotia, on their newly-developed mechanized processing equipment. 

Project overview

Local linen: exploring the feasibility of small-scale mechanized processing of fiber flax for linen production in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Working together with local growers, product end-users, and an academic partner; grow, harvest, and process textile flax using newly-developed cottage-industry scaled machinery. Investigate the local and regional market for tow, line flax, and linen, with the goal of determining the feasibility of developing local linen production capability to our area.

Public Participation at the Farm

We host interns here at the farm who help us with a wide range of tasks.  If you are interested in a class or internship opportunity, please contact us.  The most current announcements regarding classes and special events can be found on the Black Cat Farmstead Facebook page.
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