Black Cat Farmstead

Visit the Black Cat Farmstead Fiber Studio & Farm Store for handspun yarns & locally-grown wool, knitting, spinning & felting supplies, spinning wheels, hand spindles, local goods & more!
Here at the farm we love to make yarn!  We carry handspun yarns, raw & washed wool for spinners & felters, drop spindles, antique spinning wheels, & other fiber tools.  Locally-produced knitwear & crochet items, gorgeous handmade soaps, & other wonderful local goods are available.  

In addition to fleeces and roving raised here at the farm, we carry a selection of hand-dyed domestically raised wool yarns and fair-trade silk and bast fiber yarns by Frabjous fibers.  

We offer organically-grown flax seed for linen production, and have seasonally-available supplies of raw and retted flax, hand-worked flax strick, and tow flax.

Please call ahead in January and February.  Our regular season hours begin in mid-March, and continue through Christmas: Thursday - Sunday 10am - 6pm, Tuesdays 11am to 7pm, and by appointment.    

Call 612-599 9047, or email for more information

Yes, we take credit cards!
Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover accepted.

From the village of Stockholm on the Great River Road (WI State highway 35), travel 3.8 miles up the bluff on County Road "J" to Moravian Road, a right turn on gravel (look for the sign for St Sophia's church).  Go one mile down Moravian Road to our site at N3049 Nelson Lane.  The studio and store are located in the small farmhouse in the meadow.  

Please note that our historic building is not handicapped-accessible.  Please call ahead if you have concerns about access so that we can make accommodations.

The Flock
We raise a mixed flock of crossbred Icelandic, Shetland & Gotland sheep.  Our sheep have lots of color and pattern, and we value their unique fleeces for the range of crimp, density, length, and texture they offer.  Many of our animals are dual-coated (a characteristic of ancient breeds), and many have horns - even the girls! We often have a few sheep available for sale, and occasionally offer locker lambs for purchase.  Please inquire for more information.

The Black Cat Farmstead Fiber Studio
Our studio features spinning wheels (including some for sale) designed for creating a variety of yarn types, immigration-erafloor looms, a warp-weighted loom, & tools for hand-processing flax.  Demonstrations of spinning, weaving, flax-to-linen, & other crafts take place at the farm.  Individual & group lessons in fiber preparation, spinning & weaving are available, please contact us for details.   

About the Building
Fiber Studio & Store is housed in a restored nineteenth-century farmhouse with connections to Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandparents, and the early days of the Ingalls family in Pepin.  The Little House Wayside, a reconstruction of the log cabin described in Little House in the Big Woods, is located a short distance from Black Cat Farmstead.

Spinning Wheel Restoration & Repair
If you have an old wheel in need of repair, please contact us - we can help!  We offer complete wheel restoration services at Black cat Farmstead.  

Here are some pictures of a recent wheel restoration at Black Cat.  This wheel was built in northern Europe (Scandinavia or Russia
in the nineteenth century.  This wheel was sold at auction from a farm in the region, and came to me for restoration.  In the picture below, I am working to remove as much of the permanent marker from the surface as I can.

Far left:  A new bobbin and whorl, turned together on the lathe.  

At left:  Treadle repair in progress.  The black cord in the picture is the wheel's old drive band.  It was barely visible under all the dirt, but had been neatly coiled and stored around one of the uprights.  Only the spinner who used this wheel long ago would have put it to rest with such attention.  As an honor to this unknown spinner, I kept this old driveband on the restored wheel, and I store the new drive band in the same way when the wheel is not in use.

Although this wheel has lost most of its story, cleaning and restoration yielded tantalizing clues.  The back of the table is sprinkled with tiny burn marks - probably from sitting too close to a fireplace.  

Below: The completed wheel, ready to spin again. 

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