Black Cat Farmstead

About the Farm & the Artists
Andrea Myklebust's grandmother taught her to knit when she was a girl, and her mother taught her to sew, sparking a life-long interest in textile and fiber arts, Andrea began raising sheep in 2011, an activity which led rapidly to the creation of the Black Cat Farmstead Fiber Studio.   

For more about special events and the day-to-day life of the farm, follow the farm's Facebook page at Black Cat Farmstead. Andrea is active on Ravelry under the name "Amyklebust."

Black Cat Farmstead is also the home of the Myklebust+Sears Studio. Andrea Myklebust & Stanton Sears are a husband-and-wife team of sculptors who have created more than sixty large-scale commissioned works for public spaces since they began working collaboratively in the early 1990s.

Public Participation at the Farm
The fiber studio and farm store are open year round "by appointment" times.  We host annual special events which are open to the public - sheep shearing days, lambing time, flax planting, harvest, and processing.  

We offer classes for individuals and small groups in diverse topics, including; hand spinning, needle felting, cheesemaking, flax processing, and weaving. 

We host interns here at the farm who help us with a wide range of tasks.  If you are interested in a class or internship opportunity, please contact us.  Current announcements regarding classes and special events can be found on the Black Cat Farmstead Facebook page. 

Why "Black Cat Farmstead?"
A lot of cats live here at the farm, and many of them are black!  Rumors of magic are unconfirmed.

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